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Friday, 20 January 2012

Today's show 20/01/12

Hi Paddy ... welcome back to the smelly armpit of Radio 2. Jeremy always claims to discuss the "issues that affect you", meaning me, so here is mine for today:

Today's issue that affects me: It looks like our mouse, or mice, is/are still around. The cats are on patrol and a humane trap has been set. What else can we do?

Of course, and like Jeremy, you will not be discussing the issue that affects me but you will instead fill two hours with some old tosh about something or other. Let's see what we have today then...

Except I can't because at 11:55 the web page has not been updated.
12:10, and still somebody there is not doing their job, but today's programme goes something like this...

1) SOMETHING ABOUT HOW PHONE HACKING VICTIMS SHOULD USE THEIR COMPENSATION MONEY : Is whatever your listeners decide today binding on the "celebrities" concerned? I thought not. You ask, "They've got thousands of pounds in 'compo', what should they do with it?". Why don't you get Prescott on the phone and ask him? Can I suggest that it is their business, and not yours, or mine? Jeremy earns over £500000 a year, so perhaps you should discuss what he does with that - I'd listen! This is all just pointless tittle tattle, although it gives you as a BBC servant another opportunity to follow the corporate mandate and attack Murdoch again. And here we go, at 12:06 you started the item with "Rupert Murdoch's empire ...". Click - I need listen no more. Really, can't you do any better than this? Next...

2) SOMETHING ABOUT TEENAGERS STARTING THEIR OWN BUSINESS : As I am not a teenager, I have no children and I already have my own business, I don't think I qualify for this discussion. Next...

3) SOMETHING ABOUT POISONING YOUR BOSS : I am a self-employed sole trader. I am my own boss and I have no employees. Surprisingly, I have never hated myself enough to do myself in. Next...

4) SOMETHING ABOUT OLD PHOTOGRAPHS AND KODAK : Photos on the radio ... brilliant! I have very few printed photos, and if I look across the room from where I type this I can see ... yes, there it is ... the one packet of prints that I have. However, I have many thousands of colour slides, and about half of those used Kodachrome 64. They are stored in boxes and, if I stretch, I can touch them from here. So, what was your point again?

Is there no real news today then? I think there is, and you could have discussed this:
Defiant BBC refuses to apologise for 'tasteless' Top Gear India special that sparked a diplomatic row and complaints across the globe

Huge bonuses, grotesque expenses and spendthrift bosses- so much for austerity at the BBC
Last May, the incoming chairman of the BBC Trust, Lord Patten, said he would ensure that senior managers did not receive bonuses or perks.  He had rightly described management pay at the Corporation as a ‘toxic issue’.
How, then, can we make sense of the revelation that last year the BBC paid bonuses amounting to £275,000 to four senior managers? One of them — Chris Kane, head of corporate real estate at the BBC — received a top-up of £155,000 in addition to his salary of £206,000.

The Jeremy Vine Show - still not talking about the BBC

13:45 and this lot has finally appeared...

NEWS INTERNATIONAL DAMAGES - Dozens of celebrities who are victims of phone hacking have been awarded thousands of pounds in damages by News International. What should they do with that money – keep it themselves because of the pain they suffered, give it to charity or put it towards the cost of the enquiry?

REVENGE - A man who took revenge on his boss by pouring toilet water into his drink has received a suspended sentence. What drives people to take revenge on their employer? Find out more in this article from the Mirror.

YOUTH UNEMPLOYMENT - There are over a million young people unemployed. We hear from one of them who says he’s so demoralised, he finds it difficult to get out of bed until 3 in the afternoon. We talk to another who says if you can’t find a job, set up your own business.

KODAK - Kodak has filed for bankruptcy protection. Do you have a box of old discarded photographs hidden away in the back of a cupboard in the attic? We want you to go back and look at them and pull out the best.


Will said...

JV getting abit of slagging off recently so lets put Paddy 'who has a clue who this guy is' on to try to make JV sound better.It could be worse as could be Vanessa.

Paddy is here monday as well so JV is on a jolly again or maybe being annoying on Egg heads?

gill Kerry said...

Haha, photos on radio, another Archie Andrews moment. Actually I always print my digital photos; well most. Very retro. U like to hav a physical copy. Where is JV today? A long weekend?

Will said...

Ken's Bit was the best today. Ken to Paddy 'Photos on the radio, so how will that work' Paddy 'We are going to describe,That photo with you and Beyonce Ken,can you describe it' Ken 'There is a Photo with me and Beyonce in it' ;-)

Very funny,much better than anything I heard in 2hrs of Paddy.

Stonyground said...

As I understand it, Kodak are in trouble because they were late into the digital camera game. It seems that they thought that digital cameras were a passing fad, or possibly wouldn't ever replace film completely, and by the time that they realised they were wrong it was too late to react. I think that a more interesting take on this would be to ask people to think of other examples of large companies being wrong footed by sudden changes or new technology.

Radio2LunchtimeLoather said...

Thanks SG ... that would have been interesting!

I used to have a very good Kodak digital camera about 6 or 7 years ago. Were they late, or did they just not push digital as much as they should have?

gill Kerry said...

Didnt Kodak get into trouble about 30 years ago with Polaroid, in that Polaroid alleged that they were in breach of copywrite. My ex husband got a refund,i recall.
The makers of beta max tapes were wrong footed, of course.

Will said...

Kodak were both,late and didnt want to accept that the writing was on the wall.To accept would be that they would loose their income stream (as in films)

The Film Camera (as in movie side) is making a profit so will just be a Movie film company in future.

Companies need to adapt or get left behind.As Donald Trump says 'Its nothing Pesonal,its just business' ;-)

gill Kerry said...

A bit like whoever said the talkies would not last, replacing the silent movies, in a way!

Stonyground said...

In 1947 Bert Hopwood designed a parallel twin engine for Norton motorcycles.

His next move was to point out that Norton's single cylinder 500cc racers were now obsolete and could not compete for much longer against the four cylinder MV Agustas. He offered to design a four cylinder 500cc racing bike that would be able to compete with the MVs and that could also be adapted for sale to the public. In addition he offered to design a 250cc twin and a 125cc single that, by using many common parts, would reduce production costs.

Their response was to fire him.

When Norton finally went bankrupt, their sole product was the Norton Commando that still used the engine that was designed by Hopwood in 1947.

this is the kind of thing that I was suggesting.