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Saturday, 21 January 2012

Twitter ... again!

I received the following email yesterday (my highlight):

Reference CAS-1235418-P7GXXX

Thanks for contacting us.

We're sorry you were unhappy with our previous response and note you remain unhappy at being blocked from Jeremy Vine's Twitter feed. We note you believe Jeremy is breaching BBC guidelines regarding use of social networking sites.

We disagree with his view that Jeremy Vine’s Twitter account isn't a personal one. The BBC has no rule against presenters referring to their personal Twitter accounts on air or on a BBC website. We're confident that Jeremy Vine adheres to the BBC’s guidelines about personal Twitter account usage.

However, if you believe a serious and specific breach of the BBC's Editorial Guidelines has occurred and you wish to pursue this complaint further, you can contact the BBC's Editorial Complaints Unit, within 20 working days, and they will carry out an independent investigation. You can write to them at the following address:

Editorial Complaints Unit
Room 5170
White City
201 Wood Lane
London W12 7TS

Alternatively you can e-mail the Unit at the address:, but please note that complaints submitted via e-mail must include a postal address as ECU findings are sent by letter.

Thanks again for taking the time to contact us.

Kind Regards

Lxxxxx Bxxxxxx
BBC Complaints

His? Who is "his"?

Never being one to miss an invitation, my email to the Editorial Complaints Unit goes like this. The <Duplicated text removed> messages have already been posted here:

I have been in correspondence with the BBC Complaints Department for the past few weeks concerning the use of Twitter by Radio 2 broadcaster Jeremy Vine. Two case reference numbers have been issued to me: CAS-1235418-P7G2F1 and CAS-1226295-676LCP.

The Complaints Department have suggested that I contact yourselves, and hence this email.

For completeness, the exchange of messages is as follows:

Sent 4th January:
<Duplicated text removed>

Received 9th January:
<Duplicated text removed>

Sent 9th January:
<Duplicated text removed>

Received 20th January:
<Duplicated text removed>
I hope you will understand my frustration with the BBC Complaints Department, as they continually seem to be responding to only part of my messages to them. Their use of "We disagree with his view..." in the 20th January message presumably refers to myself ("his" = me) and is perhaps an example of the pitfalls of cut-and-paste.

My complaints have not been addressed to my satisfaction and so they still stand. To clarify:

 - Mr Vine clearly states at the top of his Twitter page "All views personal of course." yet promotes and discusses the content of his Radio 2 programme. I find his "All views personal" and "This is what is on my Radio 2 programme, see you at noon" and complete with photographs of his programme script to be an unintelligible dichotomy.

 - Mr Vine has chosen to block other Twitter users from following his feed for reasons only known to himself. I have not been able to find any guidance or instruction about blocking, and the situations under which it may occur, in the two BBC documents I have referred to earlier.

 - In blocking other Twitter users, Mr Vine has removed their ability to comment on his programme with the ease that Twitter provides. Sending emails can be far more cumbersome.

 - The distinction between a "personal" Twitter account and one that actively promotes and encourages discussion on a BBC programme is blurred and needs to be redefined, in my view.

While considering my complaint I would also ask you to consider that Mr Vine has a "personal" BBC email address ( but this email address is never mentioned in connection with his programme. I only know of its existence because he has sent emails to me in the past. A different email address ( is used for his radio programme and promoted on his show web page to which any message, whether in praise, criticism or just as part of an ongoing discussion may be sent. Mr Vine is always saying "tell us what you think".

I consider that Mr Vine's "personal" Twitter feed falls in to the exact same category as the show email address. It is heavily promoted in connection with the programme both on air and on the show web page and in the same way as the show email address. In my mind there is no difference (other than technical) between these two methods of communicating with a radio programme that relies on audience feedback and participation for a huge proportion of its content.
I consider the blocking of any other Twitter user from following Mr Vine's feed, especially when unexplained, to be unacceptable. I would appreciate your comments and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thank you.


Stonyground said...

I just love the statement that JV has not breached our guidlines because we don't actually have any guidlines for him to have breached.

Although I completely agree that the Jeremy Vine Show is cack and has no place on peak time radio, From the Beeb's perspective you might possibly look like a bit of an obsessive nutter. I hasten to add that I don't think that. This is important work that needs doing, the JV show belongs between twelve and two in the morning.

Radio2LunchtimeLoather said...

Obsessive nutter? Welcome to my world!

No, not really. I just love tieing over-officious people up in knots using their own rules and regulations.

And it keeps me amused on a cold, wet and windy Saturday afternoon...!

I've heard of people getting banned from sending complaints to the BBC, but I don't think I'm at that stage yet.

Will said...

I agree with Stonyground on the show time not the crazy bit.If any of us thought you were crazy then I dont think we would be posting.

This is the 21st Century and if JV is going to embrace Technology then he has to take the rough with the smooth.Also as a Licence payer I have a right to air my view as Im paying for it,If I wasnt then it wouldnt bother me.Funnily enough certain DJ's only ever get good praise but I know at least 2 forums that slag JV off and a few Facebook pages as well yet Ive only ever seen praise for Ken Bruce!

Myself,I read this on the move so its something to pass the time but can always find something more worthwhile of my time when at home.

Basically the JV show is something you would hear on LBC or other commerical Radio Stn overnight when all the crazies ring in.

If they every ask you what it will take until we stop then tell them JV removed from that Show so long as they dont replace him with Miss Piggy or Paddy 'I couldnt give a Toss what your name is' ;-)

Will said...

Should add more worthwhile than emailing BBC Complaints.As I view this Blog on a Touchscreen Mobile then writing on here is as much as I can manage;-)