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Thursday, 26 January 2012

Today's show 26/01/12

Well, yesterday was a momentous day, thanks to you. I received an email from the BBC Complaints Department telling me that I was now subject to the BBC's "expedited complaints handling process" for two years. Which was nice. Apparently I have submitted "dozens" of complaints (actually only 19 in the last year) and any future complaints will be, basically, ignored unless I can find enough hoops to jump through to make somebody take notice. What does this mean to me? Well, not much really. Not one of my complaints has changed anything, other than being recorded in the mythical being that is the Audience Log. Whooppee. I have been invited to appeal to the BBC Trust about their decision, which I will do with relish. Free speech - alive and well at the BBC, sometimes.

I'll admit that I did briefly consider last night just giving up and stopping my blog, but common sense has prevailed and it WILL continue. I remain comforted by the fact that if you Google "jeremy vine" followed by any subject you have discussed in the last year then my blog appears on usually the first or second pages. That's good enough for me, and good enough to continue. I wonder if the Daily Mail would be interested in my story.

Now, does that invitation you sent me on 17th March ("We'd love to meet you") still stand? With this raising of the stakes, I might just take you up on it. Game on Jeremy!

Meanwhile your programme continues to broadcast poorly-researched ill-informed biased misinformation in the name of "news", and today will probably be no different...

1) ASPIRATION - Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg wants to cut taxes for the poor and increase taxes for the rich. President Obama wants to do the same in America. Is this the politics of envy and class war? We speak to someone who says we all need to be aspirational : Ooohhh... another "someone" telling me what to think. If Clegg wants to cuts taxes for "the poor" (you make them sound like something from a Dickens-era workhouse) then good luck to him, and as somebody who has only a minimal income then it can only benefit me. Is there another "someone" in the studio who earns, say, around £500,000 a year that you could ask about this? Just asking. For a friend. Next...

2) PETER TATCHELL - In his time, the human rights activist Peter Tatchell exposed homosexual bishops, has taken on Robert Mugabe and was beaten up for fighting for gay rights in Russia. Has he now become a national treasure? : You mentioned on Ken's show that Tatchell is famous for "fighting oppression". Have you got any contact details for him as I have some oppression that needs fighting (see above). Do you think he would be interested in helping me? My prediction is that this will just turn into another of your fawning eulogies, and as I am not a fan of Mr Tatchell and what he does, I think I'll give it a miss, thanks. National treasure? Yeah, right. Next...

3) TEENAGERS - Would you let your teenage daughter sleep with her boyfriend under your roof? : I have never been a teenage daughter but I was a teenage son, and this happened to me once, many years ago. I bit of a "discussion" took place with my parents until I mentioned that it was not and never had been my intention for us to share a room. I resolved at the time that I would insist on my parents sleeping in separate rooms should they ever stay with me, but sadly that opportunity has never arisen. Anyway, I am 30-odd years away from being a teenager, and we have none of our own, so this item - as usual - has no relevance to me. Next...

4) REJECTED HONOURS - They’ve finally published the long list of people who have turned down a gong. If you were offered, would you decline a CBE, MBE or knighthood? : The Lunch Time Loather MBE. Sir Lunch Time Loather. Sounds good, doesn't it? Yeah, I'd be happy with either of those. Just one thing, who is the mysterious "They"? Is this a group of "someones" and "somebodys"? Or is it that just the font of all quality research, Wikipedia? ( Good, isn't it? Try looking up oil-fired central heating one day.

The Jeremy Vine Show - tell us what you think, unless you've been banned, of course

UPDATE: Surprise, surprise. The "teenagers" story was nicked from the Daily Mail:


Will said...

Around 12.15pm something funny happened.One of JV's Guests was talking about London and JV came back with can you stop talking about London as we do have other people listening elsewhere other than London :-) I think he may be taking the odd note from your daily emails as he would never have normally said that.Sounds like a meeting could be on the cards? :-)

Stopped listening at 12.45pm (when I got off the Bus to Home) and now off for a few hrs sleep before out to meet a friend this evening.

gill kerry said...

I am a great admirer of Peter tatchell, and it was good to hear him give JV a run for his money, when JV tried to interrupt him. I sincerely hope PT is not considered a national treasure, long may he continue to be a nuiscance, in the best possible way!
In view if item 2, then item 3

Would you let your teenage daughter sleep with her boyfriend under your roof?

should this not have included daughter and girlfriend, and son and girlfriend/boyfriend?
and what's wrong with the same roof? same duvet?

Will said...

Once again JV has just gone one sided and not acknowledged the other side as in Daughter and Boyfriend.In this lob sided reality he talks about there have been no female casualties in the Military and everyone has a Son,no daughthers in this world which is why he doesnt acknowledge them!!

Was funny listening to him get worried that he maybe paying more tax if Gleggy Weggy gets his way but try badly to sound unbiased!!

If you put 'The Jeremy Vine Show' into Google then you are on the 1st page after all the BBC,Wikipedia,Guardian and Spectator Links whiich is a Result.

Vine Watch on Twitter has been quiet so he must be out of ear reach of the radio of which Im sure he's thankful;-)

gill kerry said...

here is a story from the daily fail that JV wouldn't cover

the comments are hilarious