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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Today's show 04/01/12

Five items today? I don't get paid for writing this rubbish, you know....

Today's issue that affects me: Driving from Capel Curig to Llanwrst, and bearing in mind the weather conditions and the presence of a tourist hot-spot, is it best to use the steep and narrow lane over the mountains from the Ugly House or to use the main road via Betws-y-Coed even though this adds five miles to the journey and the traffic in Betws can be bad?

I have to thank @Vine_Watch on Twitter for making me laugh yesterday. Did you really say "I suppose you had to get into the loft and find all the paperwork. I bet that was stressful" when talking about breast implants? Climbing in to the loft can be a real chore. And good to read too that those hardcore staples of the JV Show appeared on the first show of 2012: a retired policeman and a wheelie bin.

No surprises as to what your lead items are today...

STEPHEN LAWRENCE SENTENCING - The 2 men found guilty of murdering Stephen Lawrence are being sentenced today. How many years should they get?
2) STEPHEN LAWRENCE MURDER - It is believed that 5 men in total are responsible for the racist murder of Stephen Lawrence. They all came from the same part of south east London. What made them what they are?
We can all imagine the scene in the judge's chambers as he deliberates...

"The law says I can give a sentence of up to x years, but what to do...? Oh, I know, I'll listen to the Jeremy Vine Show on Radio 2 - he is good at telling me what to think so he and his listeners will have the answer".

Maybe not, but I hope you get my point. My guess is that you will be hosting a "discussion" (not that these items are ever a discussion as per the dictionary definition) where various somebodys will argue the case from "they are misunderstood and should be set free" to "they are heartless criminals and the death penalty is not enough". I can just imagine it ... and so I will not be listening. They used a combination of police incompetence, police corruption and CPS idiocy to escape the law, so will you be discussing that the police are still corrupt and racist and the CPS is still incompetent? No mention of it on Ken's show, so I'll guess that you are not.

And never having lived in South East London, I have no idea what made them what they are. Ask me one on pop music.

As is usual, my interest lies with the coverage of this sad event. The BBC seem to be elevating Stephen Lawrence's murder in to the crime of both the 20th and 21st centurys, and even their printed paper arm The Guardian seems to be giving some praise to the tabloid press ( All a bit different from their erroneous attacks on NOTW, don't you think? Meanwhile, the Daily Mail are wallowing - maybe rightly - in their support for these prosecutions. Next...

3) SURVIVING THE STORM - How did you survive the storm? We hear of close shaves and lucky escapes : Talking about the weather - again? No storm here Jeremy, just a bit windy and nowhere near as windy as I have seen here in the past. I loved your chat with Ken about this earlier, when you mentioned that the turbines were stopped during high winds and expressed your concern about the stresses being placed on the "centrifuge" - your word, not mine, should be "hub" - when the blades were stopped. Ever heard the word "feathering" used in conjunction with propellers or any other bladed device that rotates in air? No, I thought not. I know that your internet home page is something to do with the Daily Mail, but there is some other useful stuff available. Try this one some time: It gives me great pleasure to tag this one as "Poor Research". Next...

4) 'THE IRON LADY' - The film ‘The Iron Lady’ premieres today. Were you someone who could say “I didn’t like Margaret Thatcher’s politics, but she did inspire me”? : No, I could not. Next...

5) RONALD SEARLE - Finally, we look at how the brilliant cartoons of Ronald Searle were forged in a Japanese prison camp : Very sad, and I have no doubt that you will overcome the technical challenge that Cartoons On The Radio presents.

I'll finish by bringing this government e-petition to your attention (
We the undersigned in the spirit of togetherness petition that the government legislate in the interests of preventing social disorder and injustice, health and safety in the workplace and fairness to all in these times of national austerity the banning of the sale and/or the consumption of all alcoholic beverages within the present day boundaries of the Palace of Westminster.

This has got to be a good thing, surely.

The Jeremy Vine Show - still talking about the weather, and still getting it wrong


gill kerry said...

Cartoons on the radio! Archie Andrews strikes again.

Will said...

What I would like to know is what Trigger there is on an event that means it gets an hour of JV? Who decides what subjects deserve an hour and what only deserve 30 min.Looking back on old JV then its amazing what has only got 30 mins but this gets an hr??

As for Police corruption then not all the Police are corrupt as the 21st century Police caught them.Selected Police maybe as we've seen but as a whole then a very small amount.

If Jv stopped Gasbagging then maybe the wind would drop.How strange it started when returned???

Thankfully Im on nights at mo so R2 free days for me;-)

Stonyground said...

Well, the suggested resolution about doing some research before pontificating didn't survive very long did it? How long, in the internet age, does it take to skim an article about how a wind turbine works? How fast are they going round? Surely only simple, everyday observation is needed to know that they always turn at the same speed.

Anonymous said...

So the only topioc of any interest to you is? You and the Jeremy Vine Show.

Superb, that'd make a great show.