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Thursday, 19 January 2012

Today's show 19/01/12

There were some interesting comments from my valued contributors on my blog yesterday, and in particular about your Wikipedia discussion and your question as to whether a knowledge database that is not 100% accurate is worth having at all. Will summed it up nicely: Under JV's argument of better being without something that is inaccurate then his show and he should be axed straight away. A fair point, don't you think?

Stonyground also did some more digging on the cyclist/copper video and found that it was originally posted last year. There is a copy on YouTube (
) dated 20th June 2011. Frankly I could not care less that the Daily Telegraph did not check their story (as I have never paid them one single penny for what they do) but I consider that the rip-off £145.50 TV Licence Poll Tax does not constitute good value for money when you present something as "news" when it so clearly is not. I would normally put this down to "Poor Research" but in this instance I think it is a case of "No Research". You relied on the Daily Telegraph to provide the fodder for your programme, they got it wrong, and so did you. This is lazy, lazy, lazy reporting. I feel a complaint coming on.

Just to check MY facts (you should try it some time!) I have just listened to your discussion on the iPlayer. Your knowledge of the law is atrocious. I send my congratulations to your two contributors who put you firmly in your place on a number of occasions and for educating you in to what happens in that place you rarely visit: The Real World. However, I remain completely mystified what your callers and emailers contributed to the discussion on this particular incident. So, no change there then. I think I need a shower.

Let's move now to Facebook where the official Radio 2 presence (
) posted this yesterday: It's that time of year when awards are handed out for the best of the last 12 months - so we were wondering what your top Radio 2 highlight of 2011 was? Is there a stand out moment that still sticks with you? It was good to see that several people included your programme in their comments. There were two in praise of what you do (one for Songs My Son Loved, and one for Terry Walton!) but none at all for your run-of-the-mill everyday work. A middle-of-the-road comment was this one:
I find Jeremy Vine's show very entertaining, as for a working class lad, I find listening to a group of middle Englanders/Daily Mail readers whinging and ranting about various issues each lunchtime to be highly amusing. Calm down dear - life isn't that bad after all! :)

And the criticisms included:
 - Jeremy Vine vs Howard Schultz from Starbucks. It was great to see Vine shown up for the conniving ill-informed trickster ("I've got four cups of coffee here, can you tell which one is from Starbucks?") that he is as Schultz verbally slaughtered him and hung him out to dry. Great radio, and my Radio 2 highlight of 2011. Any chance of putting it back on the iPlayer?
 - I think Vine is out of his depth sometimes. Paddy O'Connell is better and so is Matt Bannister although he ruined Radio 1.
 - Vine is out of his depth from the time he says "On today's show..." to the time he says "See you tomorrow". Never has the word "shallow" been more appropriate in so many ways.
 - The Bad-Jeremy Vine,time the guy gave it up. What an embarrassment. NO awards for him yet again. His show is getting unwanted attention from other BBC stations and presenters;-)

Not going well then?

10:20 and I've just refreshed your show web page in the vain hope that today's topics just might be there, and somebody has changed the formatting! There is an old saying: If it ain't broke don't fix it. Have you ever heard that before? Or is this the BBC attempting to give me perceived value for money again? If so, you have not succeeded.

You posted your daily teaser for today's show on Twitter at about 09:00 this morning: Today's show @BBCRadio2 in four words: Violin. Capitalism. Oxford. Falklands. Violin? Hmmm... my wife told me of a sad story involving a violin player and the Costa Concordia last night. Surely, you are not discussing this for the fourth day in a row... surely? I guess we will have to wait and see, but I feel another complaint coming on!

Listening to you on Ken's show, and it looks like I was correct about the violin story...

11:37 and your web page now says "Sorry, the server encountered a problem - Please try again later" and "Error 500 - Internal Error - This might be because: We are experiencing abnormal traffic to our network or the service or servers it is on is not currently available.". More like somebody is fiddling with something they don't understand, I reckon.

11:56 and somebody has managed to beat the IT Department in to submission...

1) REJECTING OXFORD UNIVERSITY - We discuss the girl who turned the table on Oxford University by writing them a rejection letter : I write you a rejection letter every day and tell you why I think your programme is rubbish. Is that news too? If so, perhaps we really should discuss it on air one day. Next...

2) CAPITALISM - David Cameron and Ed Miliband are both talking today about how to make capitalism better. We want your ideas on how to make our economic system work for the good of everyone : It was on 5th January that you asked if capitalism had failed most of us, so a change of tack here. As somebody who runs his own business I am quite happy with the current arrangements, thank you, although I find some irony in that The State are advising on the best way of running the non-State-Controlled free market economy. Next...

FALKLANDS - Are you somebody who was traumatised by fighting in the Falkland’s War who now thinks: “You know what, that war wasn’t worth fighting”? : No, I am not. Next...

4) RISKING LIFE FOR AN INSTRUMENT - One of the victims who died on the Costa Concordia was a violinist who just had to go back for his violin. What makes someone risk their life for their instrument? : Not being a musician, I have no idea. I can't believe you are discussing the Costa Concordia for a fourth day - see complaint below. While his death was tragic, how is his death more tragic or important than anybody else who died? I take it you will be telling us the background stories for all of those that died so we can rank them accordingly. Or not.

The Jeremy Vine Show - we are obsessed

Complaint number one:

Mr Vine discussed a confrontation between a cyclist and a policeman following an alleged traffic offence. The show's web page included a link to a page on the Daily Telegraph web site ( that included a video made of the confrontation by the cyclist.

The video was later removed from the Daily Telegraph page following the broadcast of Mr Vine's discussion.

Multiple copies of this video have been available on YouTube ( since at least 20th June 2011, and maybe even earlier.

Mr Vine's programme is described as "news, views and live guests" yet I consider that this item, bearing in mind its age, does not represent news at all.

My complaints are: (1) No research in to this story was made before broadcast and that the story was simply copied from the Daily Telegraph (who failed to give a date for the occurrence) and accepted as being "current". (2) The date of the incident and the age of the video were not mentioned during the broadcast, which I consider to be misleading. (3) Other major news stories (Leveson, Labour/UNITE, etc.) were occurring on the same day and were ignored for a trivial story that was 6 months old.

Complaint number two:

While I acknowledge the seriousness and tragedy of the recent capsize of cruise liner Costa Concordia, I feel that Mr Vine has given it too much coverage.

This topic has been discussed on his programme on four days this week (16th to 19th January) and has covered the capsize itself, aspects of the rescue operation, the behaviour of the captain, and the unfortunate death of a violin player. At the same time other major news stories that have occurred, such as the Leveson Enquiry, criticism of the Labour Party by Trade Unions, etc., have been completely ignored by the programme. My complaint is that too much coverage has been given to the Costa Concordia sinking and not enough to other news stories that are more relevant to Radio 2's listeners.

1 comment:

Will said...

4 Days in a row now so Ship Diaster has got more coverage than Stephen Lawrence and the same amount of coverage when those kids got shot a few years ago.Only the Riots go more coverage.

Im going for a full house and say he'll make it 5 tomorrow.

Earlier at 12.35ish then an advert was played Stargazzing Live.The trail last 30 secs with continues tonight at 8pm.NO it doesnt,it finished last night you idiots.Its bad enough we have tohear BBC adverts as it is but now advertising shows that have finished is not on.If I can be bothered when I get home from work I may complain.

Story 1:Girl who wrote letter sounded like stuck up cow from what I heard and so did a JV caller.

Story 2:The JV mask slipped and he forgot again that he is supposed to be unbiased and he clearly you let know which side he was on.At one point he was shouting over his 2 Guests to ram his view over his.1 womdn asked him if he would like only being payed half his salary and then paid the rest in 10 years depending on his performance.Funnily enough he avoided the question.No mention was made to his 1Million Salary and I would like to how know what the 'Occupy London' woman would have thought of his Salary and if he if worth.How Ironic that JV is paid a fortune through the BBC tax and the woman is saying that 1% f the rich are getting richer and she is telling that to a 1% but unaware of that.

At one point it was a 4 way slagging match JV being one of the worst.

Story 3:SV5 today. Once again,our thanks to all the current troops as well as past and present but having to put up with JV asking stupid questions and pretending to understand how they feel,well no one should have to put up with that.Hopefully those affected get the help they need but that isnt going to come from JV.

Story 4:What a stupid thing to do? A life is always more important than an object.Just like the 23 yr at Wimbledon Stn by a High Speed train while they think she wss retrieving her mobile phone.She had a 4yr old boy. JV didnt discuss that though.

JV consistently incompotent ;-)