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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Today's show 31/01/12

I'm listening to you on Ken's show. Perhaps I should put use of the word "Next..." when moving on to the next story under some kind of copyright restriction?

11:35, and nothing on the web page yet, but just after 9am it was: Today's programme @BBCRadio2 in four words: Married. Warning. Romney. University.

While we're waiting, I've started writing my complaints appeal letter to the BBC Trust (and loving it!), and you could have a look at this:
BBC must promote excellence and not be vulgar says Lord Patten
Speaking at the Oxford Media Convention yesterday, he said audiences should be given ‘the respect they deserve’ and the broadcaster should make a ‘bold assertion of excellence’, standing ‘four-square’ against any decline into mediocrity.

Respect for audiences? Now, there's a thing. Does this mean that we - your listeners - are no longer to be treated like uninformed idiots? Do you remember Fukushima? Do you remember mentioning that the reactor contained plutonium? Do you remember this being wrong? Do you remember saying the next day "Somebody got upset yesterday when I said the reactor contained plutonium"? How does that one sentence equate with respect for your audience?

11:55, still nothing, and I'm still writing my letter. For once, I am happy to wait...

12:10 and still nothing.

12:20, the letter is going well, unlike your web page. I'll give you another 10 minutes....

From what you said it was...

1) SOMETHING ABOUT DOING NO WORK AT UNIVERSITY : I didn't go to university. Next...

2) SOMETHING ABOUT SUICIDE : Tragic, but not something I have ever encountered. Next...

3) SOMETHING ABOUT CHANGING NAMES AT MARRIAGE : My wife took my name. I don't think she was bothered about losing her maiden name. Next...

4) SOMETHING ABOUT PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE ROMNEY SPEAKING FRENCH : OK, you've got me on this one and I have no idea what this is about.

12:30, and enough is enough. My sincere apologies to my blog readers - it is not my fault!

The Jeremy Vine Show - 30 minutes in, and we still don't know what we are talking about


Some time after 4pm, as the JV Show web site team do their best to decline in to mediocrity and do anything other than promote excellence, this lot appeared...

1) UNIVERSITY - As fees rise, university applications fall and more people are applying for courses which are job related. But shouldn’t university be about reading poetry and studying the history of Mesopotamia for 3 years?

2) SUICIDE - Following the inquest into the death of Gary Speed… How should we react when someone we love threatens to kill themselves?
3) SURNAME - Did you regret giving up your surname when you got married? We speak to someone who did.

4) SPEAKING FRENCH - As Republicans choose their presidential candidate, why is speaking French almost seen as a swear word for some Americans?

Good to see "someone" brought in for item 3, and also good to see that I didn't miss anything important. As if....

But who - other than being TV Licence Fee Poll Tax payers - are we to complain? I'm not allowed to! We need to remember "that the programme holds the right to publish website content at a time convenient to it" and be grateful that it is updated at all. Your BBC, working for... errr... who was it again?


gill kerry said...

Well, it's very poor on JV's programme page today. Had to laugh when he was talking with Ken about University. Don't think it did JV any good, he admitted he just wafted around reading poetry. Pompous prat.
Hope the complaint letter is going well, good of JV to 'allow' you time to do this!!
I think I heard Ratcliffe and Maconie saying they had Tim Vine on their prog. on Friday. A brace of Vines.

Radio2LunchtimeLoather said...

As I write this at 15:10, according the web page he discussed "how to react if someone you love threatens suicide" and played three bits of music. But who - other than TV Licence Fee Poll Tax payers - are we to complain? We need to remember "that the programme holds the right to publish website content at a time convenient to it". So there! Now, go and stand in the corner and think about what you have done.

The letter is going well. I will, of course, publish it here in full when I send it.

I quite like Tim, although his brother can unintentionally funnier at times!

Stonyground said...

Is 4pm a new record for late updating of the webpage? What exactly is the point of posting a trailer for a show two hours after it has finished?

Looking forward to reading the letter when it is finished.

David Mason said...

I have just come across your blog for the first time and have subscribed as a follower. I had thought I was the only one who shouts at the radio and wonders why this man JV has been put in charge of a peak time radio programme.I am new to this kind of thing, but I am hoping to follow the comments and add some of my own.

Radio2LunchtimeLoather said...

Thanks David ... I'm just sorry that you only found my blog after I stopped doing the daily updates.

Unfortunately, we can only continue to wonder why buffoon Vine is tasked with hosting R2's supposedly serious news-based programme.

Fortunately, other radio stations are available!