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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Today's show 11/01/12

08:45 : Today's stories @BBCRadio2 at noon in four words: Scotland. Movies. Trip. Ferry...

11:30 : Still nothing on your show web page.

Today's issue that affects me: I have two outstanding complaints (late updates to your show's web page and your use of a "personal" Twitter account) lodged with the BBC at the moment. I wonder when will I get a reply? Time for a reminder, maybe...

While we're waiting for somebody there to their job, have a read of this:
The Guardian: Smug, arrogant and subject to special treatment
It must be so delightful being a Guardian journalist. Always being right. Always being morally superior.

The same could, of course, be said about our beloved impartial and tax-funded state broadcaster: The BBC.

Aha, 11:50 and somebody has done the update. Give them a chip butty!

1) SCOTTISH INDEPENDENCE - Alex Salmond wants a referendum on Scottish independence in autumn 2014. Would you emigrate to an independent Scotland? : I have no desire to move to Scotland, nice place that (some of) it is. The mountains and beaches of North Wales are a good substitute for anything Scotland can offer, and we have less midges and warmer weather. Next...

2) MARRYING A CHILD'S FRIEND - Bryan Ferry has married his son’s friend, 36 years younger. Did you or your parent marry your child’s friend? Find out more in this article from the Daily Mail : Another hot topic from the Daily Mail ... whoopee. Is this news? My wife is a lot younger than me, but I have no children so it is impossible for her to be my child's friend. My parents have only ever been married to each other and have not married any of my friends. All in all, I think I'll give this mind-numbing trivia a miss, thanks. Next...

3) TRIP ADVISOR - At 1, we are joined by Steve Kaufer, chief executive of Trip Advisor. Did Trip Advisor make or destroy your business? : Last discussed on 17th September 2010 (ONLINE REVIEWS - A group of hoteliers is preparing to take legal action against the review website TripAdvisor over comments that they claim are defamatory and unfair), so what - if anything - has changed since then? Has Mr Kaufer got a book out? I've just checked and I can confirm that my business does not appear on Trip Advisor, probably because I am not in the travel industry. I have never written a review on Trip Advisor's web site and I cannot recall ever having read one. Next...

4) FILM FUNDING - Finally, the government wants lottery money to only be given to commercially successful films. But isn’t it the art house films that need special funding, not the ones that make money anyway? : There is an obvious piece of tortology here, but I'll ignore that and just say that I am not involved in the film industry and our nearest cinema is 50 miles away. That should give you some idea of my interest in this topic. Keep trying Jeremy - one day you might talk about something that is of real interest to me. One day.

And again on Ken's show you promoted both Ken's and your Twitter feeds. The big difference between the two for me is, of course, that Ken allows me to follow him.

The Jeremy Vine Show - always right, always morally superior


Will said...

So far JV has out done himself today,this has been the worse 40 mins of JV show this year for definite and this being JV that takes some doing.

The couple they just had on now(74&37),I just managed to stop myself being sick....Cheeese RED Alert.

JV to bloke,the age difference is the same with you as it is Bryan Ferry (37 years).How old are you?

Bloke :74
JV to Woman:How old are you?
Woman (Pauses slightly) Im 37?

JV master at maths and asking shit questions.

The 1st 30 mins had the bloke on slagging Scotland off and calling it Racist but his views were pretty extreme.Just because it has an ethnic majority percentage of less than 1% then he thinks it is racist.

Been to Scotland loads of time and far more friendly than down South.If I could get a job paying the same in Scotland then I'd be off.

More to follow later hopefully as Im just having a coffee and on my way out in 10 mins.


(Sick bags at the ready)

Will said...

Hr 2:Guy from Tripadvisor sounds like a British Comedian doing a joke American accent.Worth a quick listen as never heard anyone talk like that seriously before.

Ken was funny at 11.55am as he said Jeremy Vine is coming up but if you are quick then you've still got time to get away;-)

JV asked Ken if he would emigrate if Scotland became independent and Ken replied in a (you are such a twat) voice to JV,NO I would return as I cant emigrate to Scotland.BBC Journalism at its Best-The JV Show.

Yesterday JV said when talking about HS2 that he would die before Ken.I did laugh thats because JV is a marked man.

Stonyground said...

If our government has the ability to tell whether a film is going to be successful before it has even been made, our debt crisis is over. We can sell this knowledge to Hollywood and even if we charge an exorbitant fee they will still pay up due to all the money that they save by not making a single turkey ever again.

JV asking a Scotsman if he would consider emigrating to Scotland, priceless.