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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Today's show 10/01/12

Sincere apologies to my readers for the late update today as your staff were slacking again and the web page was not updated until 11:45ish. And this despite your tweet at 08:45 this morning that said: Today's stories @BBCRadio2 in four words: Worrall. Major. Train. Miliband. See you at noon. There is a lack of connectivity here, don't you think?

Anyway, your programme is just starting ... hang on a second ... there, that's better. 6 Music is on now.

So let's look at today's poorly researched discussion topics, all complete with the personal bias for which you are becoming famous...

1) SHOPLIFTING - Antony Worrall Thompson has said he’s sorry for shoplifting but has no idea why he did it. If you were caught shoplifting, what was your excuse? : I have never shoplifted in my life, so I don't need an excuse. Next...

2) HIGH SPEED RAIL - Amidst fierce opposition, the government is giving the go-ahead for the high speed rail link to Birmingham. Are you someone who says ‘I wish I had a high speed train to my town’? : Yes, I am, but being out in "the sticks" it is never going to happen. Your own "anti" viewpoint came shining through during your chat with Ken earlier when you suggested HS2 would only be finished "when we're all dead". Did you think the same about the Channel Tunnel? Did you think the same about HS1 (Channel Tunnel to St Pancras International)? Both were finished long before you and I were dead, so what is your point? HS2 will free up a huge amount of capacity on the already over-stretched London to Birmingham line, a line so busy that it is virtually impossible to run a freight train on it during the day. I am reminded of the huge number of protestors in France who were involved in violent clashes with police during the construction of that country's TGV routes. However, they were not protesting about the route destroying their countryside. They were protesting that the route did not come near enough to their town so that they could make use of it! Your point-of-view will be, of course, that this is all a huge waste of tax payers' money. Well, next time you get in your car remember that all of the roads that you drive on are also funded by us - the tax payers - and whether we use them or not. So what is the difference? I loved your comment on Ken's show when you said "... using what is called a Y-shaped route ..." when referring to the future extensions north to Liverpool, Manchester and elsewhere. I wonder, could that term have been used because it is shaped like a letter Y? Just a guess. You have already made your point of view clear, and knowing that you will dismiss any argument that goes against it and that you will not have researched this topic in any depth at all, I see no need to listen to your ramblings today. Next...

3) LANDMINE DOG - A dog that helped the military defuse countless landmines, and was put down last night, is being mourned. Is it right to use animals in warfare? Find out more from the Telegraph : Oooh, a vote. We've not had one of these for ages. I'm sure that everybody from the MoD to the Taliban will be awaiting the result with interest. Next... 

4) ED MILIBAND - The Labour leader admits that a future Labour government will have a lot less money to spend because of the deficit. Have you got a great new political policy idea that won’t cost any money? : Yes, scrap or privatise the BBC. Easy. What a shame that you are not talking about what Miliband is saying today.

The Jeremy Vine Show - radio for "when we're all dead"

1 comment:

gill kerry said...

There is never any excuses for shoplifting; reasons maybe, but not excuses. When AWT's recipes state 'take one egg', it doesn't mean steal it. Has AWT got a book out? Perhaps I will download it without paying.
Yes, I too am complaining about the rail route, that is why isn't it in the east midlands too. I don't think its the lovely countryside they are complaing about, more likely the million pound mansions.
JV knows nowt about trains, even leess than oil-fired central heating. Looking forward to hear him discuss the large hadron collidor, now I would listen to that