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Monday, 23 January 2012

Today's show 23/01/12

Hi Paddy,

Today's issue that affects me: In a recent email from the BBC Complaints Programme referring to your programme I was told that "not every viewer" feels that you get your story selection right every time and that "We try to provide a wide range of programmes across our television output that will be of interest to every section of our audience". Viewer? Television? Is JV on TV?

I know that Mondays are always difficult to fill with news that is in the national interest, has just come in and needs immediate coverage or is unusual so allow me to help you out today...
Norwich men’s clothing shop ... causes a stir with mannequin’s toilet humour
The Philip Browne menswear shop, in Guildhall Hill, Norwich, features a wooden mannequin posed as a man urinating on a wall and spelling out the word ‘sale’.
Lowestoft landlady pleads guilty to letting people smoke in pub
A Lowestoft landlady has been fined after health and safety officers caught a person smoking inside her pub.

Does this mean that if I go and smoke in a BT phone box (which is against the law) the CEO of British Telecom could be prosecuted? Now there's an idea....

How about this one local to me?
Welsh motorists in parking ticket language protest
Two Welsh motorists are refusing to pay parking fines because the tickets issued by a private contractor were written only in English.

Feel free to use any of those with my blessing. Or just hang on to them for 6 months or more and report them as "news" later this year. You know, just like Jeremy did with the cyclist story last week...!

So, what have we got today...

1) BENEFIT CAP - The government wants to restrict the amount which people on benefits can claim. Employment minister Chris Grayling says if poor people are living in affluent areas, they need to “move to part of town they can afford.” : Unfortunately, I do not qualify for any state-funded benefits. I only wish I did, so how about discussing how people like me can join the benefits system? I'd listen to that. Next...

2) DOG ATTACKS - A 6 year old girl in Essex was attacked by a Staffordshire terrier. What should you do if a vicious dog attacks you? : Horrible. Prosecute the owner? Listen to The Jeremy Vine Show? Or grab its top lip, as you suggested on Ken's show? At least two of those sound unpleasant. Next...

3) GENDER NEUTRALITY - A couple from Cambridgeshire are bringing up their 5 year old child Sasha to be gender-neutral. They say it’s better for him to decide when he’s grown up what gender he wants to be. Find out more in this article from the Telegraph : It is still a free country, I am told, and I am sure that this couple will have strong views about you dragging their private business on to your programme for judgement by you and your listeners. I have no opinion, or interest. Next...

4) RUBBISH TIP - We discuss the street in Brierley Hill which is dominated by a rubbish tip. Do you live near a dump? : My nearest council-run Refuse and Recycling Centre (I am sure that that is the title that Gwynedd Council would prefer, rather than "dump") is a small operation about 5 miles away, so my answer to your question is "No".
Oh well, you tried.
The Jeremy Vine Show - restricted benefits, every day

UPDATE: Concerning the gender neutral item, my wife tells me that this couple have been appeared all over the media, and Will has mentioned in a comment that one of the parents spoke to O'Connell on air today. Perhaps they've got a book out too.


Will said...

Off today so listened to the 1st 30 mins and off the Radio went.12.30pm-1pm had a bit of peace and quiet and 1pm put Freesat on to watch JJ (Judge Judy)I would rather watch JJ rather than listen to JV or watch him on Egg Heads. As far as I know then JV presents POF (Points of View) and Egg Heads.I avoid both like the Plaque because JV is presenting.

The Sounds of the 20th Century on Radio 2 sounds good but unfortunately because JV voices it up I avoid,one of those programmes I would listen too but avoid because JV is presenting.Abit like James Corden,anything I see he is on I avoid no matter who else is on.

Anyway onto today's show.

Item 1:Any stupid person that starts there agrument with asking people on benfits to move because they can no longer afford to live where they do is social cleansing will always loose in my book.

Social Cleansing!!! Are the Government rounding people up and then shouting them? Dont think so,I think the stupid woman that claimed this needs to find out exactly what cleansing is.At the end of the discussion,she also said that is like what Hitler did with the Jews!! Ive been working from Age 18 and now 40 (and been lucky to not be out of work in that time) and for 18 years of that I was on under £26,000 and only through getting promotion at work did I manage to get over £26,000.

Once again,a case of getting the wrong person to try to support your case as she has done more harm than good.

Item 3:Surely if they wanted him to be Gender-Neutral then they would have called him Toni or something that could apply either way but unless he is going to want alot of Operations later on then he is going to be a man.The parent is on with paddy so she is happy to talk about it,it seems.

Normal JV Service resumes tomorrow so expect Biased Views a plenty.

gill kerry said...

Jeremy vine show. Talking rubbish every day