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Thursday, 12 January 2012

Today's show 12/01/12

08:45 : Today's programme @BBCRadio2 in four words: Welfare. Whiplash. Murder? Cough.

11:30 : Still nothing on your show web page. After a flurry of prompt updates to start 2012, is this now going to be the norm?

Today's issue that affects me: Despite the best efforts of our cats and a humane trap, there is no sign of the mouse yet... :-(

Are you discussing anything political today?
How about Ed Miliband's cock-up in PMQs yesterday when he accused Cameron of removing a cap on rail fares, when it was actually a decision made while he was in government?

Or the Sun/YouGov poll issued yesterday evening which showed that 6% of Labour voters and 26% of LibDem voters think that DAVID CAMERON makes a better Prime Minister than Ed Miliband or Nick Clegg?

Or how about Tesco's announcement of its drop in sales over the Christmas period? Surely Antony Worral Thompson must take some of the blame?

11:45 and somebody has put the first item up, so is there any chance of you discussing something that may interest or affect me today? Let's see...

1) WHIPLASH - If you have a minor car crash, how easy is it to make an insurance claim for whiplash? : You described this on Ken's show as "whooshing". You were not very clear on its definition, and a search in Google does not tell me anything, so I shall remain puzzled, and even more so as you said "I don't know if you can be whooshed if you stop the whooshing". Listening to your chat with Ken, he seems to know far more about this than you do, and I loved his comment "How's your neck? Still brass?". Do you actually hear what he says, or do you just choose to ignore it? I was last involved in a car accident in 2006 and suffered a minor back injury as a result of somebody else's incompetent driving. I did not suffer from whiplash, whiplash was never discussed, and I am not aware that I was "whooshed". Next...

OK... I'll wait now for the remaining items to appear.

11:50, here we go...

2) WELFARE REFORM - The House of Lords has defeated the government’s attempt to reform welfare payments to the disabled : Fortunately, I am not disabled. Unfortunately, I do not qualify for any welfare payments. Next...

3) EDDIE GILFOYLE - Eddie Gilfoyle spent 18 years in prison for murdering his wife. He claims new evidence has come to light that proves he is innocent : I feel sure that you will start a campaign to help this man. Or perhaps not. Crank up the SVG ... number 4 today, I think. In the meantime, have you seen the price of brussel sprouts? Next...

4) COUGHING - Do you have a persistent irritating cough that you just can’t get rid of? : No.

Four out of four again Jeremy, well done!

I shall be in self-inflicted exile over on 6 Music from 12, as usual.

The Jeremy Vine Show - a persistant irritating radio show that you just can't get rid of.


gill kerry said...

Heard JV on ken's bit saying his 'friend' claimed for 2, I think, whiplash claims that he thinks she didn't have. If JV is in receipt of information of a crime, fraud?, then he is abetting said crime, allegedly.
The cough bit, well I used to have a high blood pressure medication that causes a chronic cough. Could it be the growth of this sort of medication and the fact that people don't question and think for themselves, that is causing some of it? It can easily be changed.
JV, a persistantly irritating little git, as you so eloquently put.

gill kerry said...

Oh and also heard JV crowing after the noon news that he 'would bowl badly if paid'. Charming! And him a journalist too, who would have thought

gill kerry said...

Me again, have just googled whooshing, so to speak.It sound like a quaint english village; nether wallop, lower peeover, google whooshing. Apart from the obvious references to plane noises etc, there is a rather peculiar reference to women's periods, and not one I ever remember hearing. Would love to hear JV discuss that.

Will said...

After hearing him on Ken's then I thought Im not listening to that rubbish.So Ive watched 2 episodes of Jag from Freesat and 2 Judge Judy before Im off out to work.

Thats right JV,JJ is much better than your excuse of a show.

Stonyground said...

For once I think that there is some value in having a discussion about the rather odd symbiosis between the insurance companies and the injury lawyers. I just don't really have much confidence that it will be the Jeremy Vine Show that gets to the bottom of the matter.

Some years ago the Motorcycle Action Group made a stink over insurance companies selling the frames of stolen-recovered bikes. A frame with a serial is very useful for providing a new identity for a stolen bike. The insurance companies were therefore enabling bike theives, which would appear to be not in their own interests.