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Monday, 16 January 2012

Today's show 16/01/12

Busy today, so just a quick one...

1) COSTA CONCORDIA - Following the shock of seeing the Costa Concordia lying on its side, we ask: are these huge modern cruise liners really that safe? : Shock? Oh, was I meant to be shocked? I am so sorry to disappoint you. You said on Ken's show that you would be looking at "exactly what happened" to cause this partial capsize, so presumably you have a very advance copy of the official report that will be compiled in to this event. But hang on, it will take months and months for that to appear so instead you will rely on those two journalistic favourites: speculation and non-expert eye witness accounts. Having seen some newspaper headlines over the weekend, I know that inaccurate comparisons with the Titanic are being made (Titanic did not run aground, Costa Concordia did not hit an iceberg, Titanic sank, Costa Concordia did not, etc.) and I was interested to hear that you are reading a book on the Titanic at the moment. THE book to read about the Titanic is "TITANIC - THE SHIP THAT NEVER SANK" by Robin Gardiner - fascinating! Thank you for mentioning on Ken's show that the ship has four swimming pools and a casino - because that makes all the difference, doesn't it? I bet it also has a laundry. I've never been on a cruise and would rather extract my own fingernails than go on one. An official report will be published, but not for some time, which I will read and you will ignore. While you attempt to stir up public feeling today I will remind you that travelling on a cruise ship is infinitely safer than doing anything on Britain's roads ( And we should all praise The Guardian for this interesting juxtaposition on their front page today (see attached). Next...
2) CAMPBELL'S TOWER DEMOLISHED - 16 years ago a man died in a factory accident. At the weekend his daughter pressed the button that blew the building up. Has this helped her come to terms with what happened? : Good for her, and good for whoever organised this for her. We can only hope that it allows her to deal with an unpleasant part of her past. I am lucky enough to say that I am not aware of any relative ever being killed in an accident of this kind, so the opportunity for me to follow her experience is non-existent. I would guess that the same is true for the huge majority of your listeners. Next...

3) DIETS - We speak to someone that says diets never work - they just wreck lives : Do they? Oh. Good job I have never really been on a formal "diet" then. You said on Ken's show that when presented with a box of chocolates men will "always grabs and never look at the card". Well, this man ALWAYS looks at the card - or the "instructions" as I prefer to call it - and chooses carefully. In one short phrase you have marginalised me again and given me good cause not to listen. Cheers! Next...

4) MONEY CAN BUY HAPPINESS - Finally a think-tank says money can buy happiness. Apparently the more you have, the happier you’re likely to be. Find out more in this article from the Daily Mail : A Daily Mail story on the first day of the week ... oh joy. This item was described by you on Ken's show as "that's the one that will make me listen". Wrong! Again!
The Jeremy Vine Show - we really haven't got a clue what we're doing


gill kerry said...

Re the think-tank happiness survey. when JV said that it was a right wing think tank, but that wasn't relevant to the story, I nearly slung something at the radio. I think it has some relevance, given the pursuit of wealth for its own sake. wasn't there another survey that reckoned where the gap between rich and poor was smaller , then people were happier. Quote sources JV or stop pontifficating.
I too was amused, re JV's discussion on the cruise ship. My thoughts exactly. Loved the guardian cock-up photo. Yes, go for it Gove.
Re the death of the father, JV sympathetic voice again. My advice, get over it luv, it happens to us all at some point.
And finally, the few times I do listen to the 'show' I get increasingly annoyed by JV's 'cheery bye'.
AAArgh. Head hits desk

Will said...

Only listened to Hr 1 as watched Judge Judy at 1pm and missed Ken's bit as was watching JAG on freeview. The woman that lost her father sounds like she needs counselling but glad she feels she can move forward now but how years has she been living with it.JV SV4 today and after talking to her played Rightous Brothers and unchained melody from Ghost.

Never knew JV was a Marine Design expert.The only reason Titanic is mentioned is because its 100 years this year.Never got mentioned in 87 when that Ferry went over because they rear doors open.