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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Complaint response 02/03/11 - the second attempt

Email received from BBC Complaints Department which gives some insight in to the target audience for JV's programme and explains why I dislike it so much: I am concerned about what he talks about! I have added my own italics:

Thanks for your further comments about the Jeremy Vine Show which will be fed back to the programme team.

I must reiterate that the Jeremy Vine team hold the ultimate right to decide what stories to cover on any one day. We appreciate that you regularly disagree with their choice; however our audience feedback shows that their editorial team’s story selection is not of huge concern to the vast majority of Jeremy Vine listeners.

In this instance, the programme chose the particular stories on that day as they felt they were appropriate and of interest to the listeners. There were many other stories they could equally have covered.

I’m afraid there's not a great deal else we can say with regards to this topic and we can't be sure we will be able to say much more in future, however we will continue to  register your comments.

Yours Sincerely

Axxxxxx Mxxxxx
Complaints Advisor
BBC Complaints

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