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Friday, 18 March 2011

Today's show 18/03/11

Dear Jeremy,

Well, what a 24 hours that was! Following your discussion of a non-existent YouTube video my blog went ballistic as your listeners searched the internet for the video. Searching for phrases such as "jeremy vine bully video" produced some results, with my blog shown somewhere in the first five. My daily readership jumped from 20 to over 200 because of that. A graph from my blog provider is attached.

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome my new readers, and I hope that you will find something of interest and/or amusement in my rantings. Details of who I am and why I write my blog may be found in the very first posting, entitled "Please allow me to introduce myself...", and which can be found here:

OK, on to today's pointlessness...

1) LIBYA: NO FLY ZONE - The UN has agreed to a Libyan no-fly zone. Do you back the decision? : Oooohhhh... another vote. Mr Ban Ki-moon will, I am sure, be listening today and awaiting your verdict. I will expect nothing less than to see a squadron of jets from RAF Valley pass over my home sometime shortly after 12:30 today as they make their way to Libya if "Yes" wins the day. Next...

2) SUPPORT FOR JAPAN - We ask for your messages of support for Japan : My message: Good luck, you are doing a great job, and don't speak to, read or listen to the UK media, especially the BBC.
But how do we know they will be listening to these messages, or is it all a waste of your time, and mine?

"I haven't seen anybody shouting or getting angry there ..." - unlike your show then.

A neighbour's son is working in Japan as a translater for the emergency services brought in to Japan to assist with the clear-up operations. He told his mother (my neighbour) yesterday not to pay any attention to the UK media as their reporting has been blown out of all proportion and bears no relation to what is actually happening. So, who should I believe? Him, or you? Next...

3) CCTV OUTSIDE YOUR HOME - Have you installed CCTV cameras outside your home? : No, and I believe that if I did they would contravene local planning regulations. Next...

4) SUPERMOON - A so called "supermoon" will be visible tomorrow night. Does a full moon actually affect people's behaviour? : Hmmm... it makes me howl a bit, but I'd like to keep that private. Is there no more news today? Is this really the best you can do? This story comes from the Metro, which is published by Associated Newspapers Ltd who also publish the good-old Daily Mail. How predictable.

This weekend I would like you to think about what you have achieved this week. It shouldn't take long.

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