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Thursday, 31 March 2011

Today's show 31/03/11

You will be aware of the old saying: There is no smoke without fire.
This time it is the Daily Telegraph fanning the flames and accusing the BBC of bias:

Are they wrong, or is the Dead Tree Press just ganging up on the BBC? I think your listeners should be told!
The one news organisation that doesn't seem to be covering this story is the BBC. Funny that....

With only two JV shows to go before I switch to 6 Music, let's look at today's trivia...
1) ARE WE PUTTING TOO MUCH SALT ON OUR CHIPS? - Stockport council have a campaign where chip shops hide the salt because we're putting too much on our chips : Stockport ... that'll be in an English nanny state, and the story comes from the Daily Mail. Need I say more? Next...
2) SHOULD WE BE OFFERING EXILE TO COLONEL GADDAFI? - Following the defection of the Libyan foreign minister, should we positively be offering exile to Colonel Gaddafi himself? : Oooohhh, a vote. I am sure that William Hague will be hanging on your every word and awaiting the result with interest, and ready to pick up the phone at 1pm to call Gaddafi and tell him what has been decided. Or perhaps not. Next...

3) TROUBLESOME TEENAGERS - Why are parents so bad a parenting teenagers? : I have no experience of this, so it is of no interest to me. Next...

4) WHY ARE PEOPLE ANNOYED BY DOOR-TO-DOOR SALES PEOPLE? - And finally, ex-prisoners and people with learning difficulties are selling dusters door-to-door in order to turn their lives around. Why is this annoying people? : That doesn't happen around here, and this is not news.
Let me remind you of what you web page says: Jeremy Vine and guests discuss the news headlines and talk to the people making them
I so wish that the Trades Description Act applied to radio programmes as, today, we have only one real news story (Gaddafi, and even that is falling in to conjecture) and I'm pretty sure you won't be having Koussa or Gaddafi on the phone, so could you tell me which newsmakers are you talking to today? Hmmm... that'll be none of them then.

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