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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Today's show 15/03/11

Did you see Panorama last night? I don't normally watch it but made an exception as it was all about the illegal acquisition of personal information by so-called professional journalists. I was very pleased to hear that your favourite newspaper the Daily Mail was included in the report, so reinforcing my opinion of that particular member of The Dead Tree Press Preservation Society. However, at the end of the programme I was left wondering who I should believe. Should it be the accused journalists, or should I believe the less-than-perfect "holier than thou" BBC reporter? I came to the conclusion that they were all as bad as each other and, frankly, I couldn't care less.

Journalists : Scum, the lot of them. Good job you're only a talk-show host these days and well out of what they do, eh?

Eyes down for today's twaddle then...

1) FUKUSHIMA RADIATION FEARS - There's been a third explosion at the Japanese nuclear plant which was damaged in Friday's earthquake. We speak to a nuclear expert about the risks : Oooohhh, finally a "nuclear expert". Was he busy yesterday, or couldn't you be bothered to call him in? I suggest you listen to what he says but get him to start with something easy, like oil-fired central heating, and work your way up from there. Next...

2) MIDSOMER MURDERS - One of the creators of Midsomer Murders says it "wouldn't work" if the TV drama portrayed racial diversity in village life : He is entitled to his opinion. Interesting that on Ken's show you refered only to "English villages". As an Englishman living in a Welsh village I am part of a (racial?) minority, but that doesn't matter because it is not England, is it? You would do well to remember that you have listeners who are not in England. Next...

3) WAITING FOR BENEFITS - Are you waiting for benefit? Okehampton in Devon has recorded a large rise in demand for emergency food parcels : In answer to your question: No, I am not. Other than allow them to vent their anger, what are you going to do to help those people who are waiting? Next...

4) LOST KEYS - And should you put your contact details on your keys in case you lose them? : From radiation leaks to lost keys in one programme - fantastic. By the way, this isn't news.
"The Jeremy Vine Show - for all of the latest utter bollocks"


I've just read this on one of my favourite web sites (

>> TUESDAY, MARCH 15, 2011
The BBC have gone nuclear over...erm, the nuclear problems at Fukushima. Today has been busy constructing  an agenda that the Japanese Government "lies" (according to Roger Harradin) and is "blase" (according to James Naughtie) about nuclear problems. Undoubtedly the crisis at Fukushima has gotten worse and that is fair comment but the BBC seems determined to extend this into some sort of general attack on nuclear energy. I have to say that one's natural sympathy with the Japanese victims of the tsunami is now being eclipsed by anger about the BBC's overt manipulation of the Nuclear power plant issue. Not reporting - editorialising and always following a clear agenda.

So Jeremy, are you going to be following the corporate line and continue with this today?


You just said, "Somebody got upset yesterday when I said the reactor contained plutonium"
That sentence seems innocuous enough, but it tells me:
 - You did not research the topic.
 - You have no interest in broadcasting correct and accurate facts.
 - You have an utter contempt for anybody that dares criticise or correct what you say.
Had you have said "Somebody corrected me yesterday when I said the reactor contained plutonium" then I would not have sent this email. Use of the words "got upset" tells me that you couldn't care less, but then I knew that already.

Complaint lodged on BBC web site:

During a discussion about the Japanese nuclear energy problems Mr Vine said, "Somebody got upset yesterday when I said the reactor contained plutonium". Use of the words "got upset" suggests to me that Mr Vine has an utter contempt for anybody that dares criticise or correct what he says, and that he has little or no interest in broadcasting correct and accurate facts.

My complaint is that Mr Vine has been disrespectful of "somebody" (presumably a listener) who has attempted to correct his error and has dismissed that correction as something that does not matter.

Had Mr Vine have said "Somebody corrected me yesterday when I said the reactor contained plutonium", or similar, then I would not have sent this complaint.

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