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Thursday, 10 March 2011

Today's show 10/03/11

Normal service has been resumed...

1) Libya unrest - Is today decision day on Libya - the moment when history will judge us on whether we act or fail to act against Gaddafi? : I have no idea. Who are "us"? Does "us" include me? Who will be judging us? Assuming that "us" includes me, what do you think that I should do to avoid being judged? It all sounds quite scary. Next...

2) Asbestos compensation - Two families have won groundbreaking compensation claims after their loved ones died from cancer following exposure to asbestos : The legal process seems to have run its course, and I am left puzzled as to what there is to discuss. It is a fact of life that the dangers of asbestos were not understood when its usage was highest (1950s to 1970s) and to that extent anybody over the age of 30 will have been subjected to contact with asbestos somewhere, sometime. Next...

3) Public Sector Pensions - Your friend tells you he's retiring early on a final salary pension. Do you think: 'that's a just reward for years of hard work' or 'how on earth can the rest of us afford it'? : I'll go for the missing option: None of the above. And who is this mysterious friend? Next...

4) Heartbroken - Two bodies are being brought back to the UK today: one is that of a soldier killed in Afghanistan and the other is that of his dog who died of a suspected broken heart : The loss of both lives is tragic, and I note that the Daily Mail provided you with this story. Where would the JV show be without the Daily Mail?

Please make sure you let me know if anything you discuss today changes anything at all. I won't be holding my breath.

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