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Thursday, 24 March 2011

Today's show 24/03/11

Blimey... your web page was updated by 10:10 today. Somebody must have been in early...

So, today's non-news stories are:

1) ARE HIGH FUEL PRICES CURING OUR ADDICTION TO OIL? - As the chancellor announces a 1p cut in petrol and diesel tax, we talk to people who say high fuel prices are good and we'd better start getting used to them, because they help cure our addiction to oil : I can only suggest that these people preach their message to the jet skiers who are at my local beach every weekend. "I'm completely impartial ... neutral". Ha! No you're not. Next...

2) ELIZABETH TAYLOR - Why did the public adore Elizabeth Taylor in the way they did? : Did they really adore her? I suspect that a good proportion of people under 30 have never heard of her as she has not been in the public eye for over 20 years. I'm the wrong side of 50 and I can honestly say that I have never seen any of her films, and my only knowledge of her is that she was married to Richard Burton and was a friend of Michael Jackson. I don't think that counts as adoration, does it? Next...

3) HAVE YOU EVER BEEN TRAPPED IN QUICKSAND? - A boy was rescued on the Dorset coast after being trapped in quicksand. Have you ever been sucked into quicksand or a bog-type substance? : The answer to your question is No. However, I will draw your attention to this story from the 18th of February, just over a month ago:
So, what is the difference between this story and yours? GEOGRAPHY! One is in Wales, and so is of no interest to you, and the other relates to the south of England so is of prime importance. Ah yes, but perhaps you had other supposedly more important stories to discuss that day. Now, let's see...
 - Alternative Vote : Remember this? Newcastle was voted as the UK's new capital city.
 - Lowestoft lollipop lady loses her job : Lowestoft, that'll be in England then, so it takes priority - obviously.
 - Are your wedding plans tearing your family apart? : NOT NEWS!
 - Terry Walton - 'Nuff said.
Perhaps the reason you didn't mention the Anglesey story is that it would have required some research to find, rather than just being spoon-fed your daily stories by the BBC news web site.

4) HUSBAND AND WIFE OVERCOME BREAST CANCER - And finally, the remarkable story of the man who nursed his wife through breast cancer, then suffered breast cancer himself : Good for them, but the only news here is the happening of a coincidence, and they happen all of the time.

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