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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Today's show 23/03/11

A valued visitor to my blog yesterday evening wrote the following comment:

"I thought I was the only one who found this show nothing but an ill-informed, sensationalised speculation exercise. I normally turn the volume down low enough so that I only hear the music; thereby maintaining my blood pressure in the safe zone. Keep up the good work!"

My sincere thanks to Feargal The Cat for their input - I could not have put it better myself. You will, of course, be familiar with the words "ill-informed", "sensationalised" and "speculation" as they describe your programme perfectly. You see Jeremy, it really is not just me.

Perhaps if I keep telling you that your programme is rubbish over and over again you will start to believe it. You know, just like you attempt to brainwash me in to believing that your programme has "the best music and latest news", that George Galloway has something useful to say, or that the Daily Mail is a good newspaper. Continual repetition is, apparently, the way to go. Just keep chipping away...

My blog (
) seems to be taking off very nicely, thank you, and I continue to be grateful to those who give up their precious time to read it. It was only last Thursday that I proudly reported the passing of 1000 page views. Less than a week later it has now passed 1400. I'd love to know how many BBC staff read it, particularly members of your programme team!

I probably contribute more to your programme than Terry Walton does and a link to his web site appears on your Radio 2 web page, so it seems only fair that a link to my blog should be there too. You like fairness, don't you, and freedom of speech? And it was your goodself that wrote to me on 10th August last year and said: "I disagree with Stuart's (Maconie) view which is (implicitly) that listeners such as you should not have their opinions aired.". Well, I'm now claiming my right to have my opinion aired, so please put a link to my blog on your web page. I look forward to seeing it there!

Anyway, on to today's drivel... only two today apparently:

1) CHRISTOPHER GRADY'S LIFE SENTENCE: DO YOU HAVE ANY SYMPATHY FOR HIM? - Christopher Grady was found guilty and sentenced for life for the murder and attempted murder of his children. Some people however have some sympathy for what he did. Do you have any sympathy for the man? : The legal process has taken its course, so what is there to discuss? Some people think your radio programme is ill-informed, sensationalist and speculative. Do you have any sympathy for them?

And isn't it about time that this story got an airing on your show? After all, it is from the good-old Daily Mail:


2) THE BUDGET 2011: HIGHLIGHTS, EXPERT ANALYSIS AND COMMENT - George Osborne delivers his second budget. Tune in and catch all the highlights, expert analysis and comment and great Radio 2 music. Plus two economic commentators debate the budget. One says we're cutting too fast and too hard and one says we should cut twice as fast : Oh good... expert analysis. The Budget is of interest to me, but I really do not need the corporate BBC slant that Osbourne can do nothing right that you will inevitably attempt to apply. And I certainly do not need to be told what to think by your contributors. Instead, I shall re-tune to somewhere else for uniterrupted waffle-free and bias-free coverage.

And interesting to hear your mention of budget leaks on Ken's show, and your critcism of two Tory chancellors for putting "spin" on what they were about to announce. I think I should draw your attention to this BBC page from 2005 ( the first paragraph of which states: "Ministers have been asked to explain how Budget details were printed in a London newspaper half an hour before Gordon Brown made his speech.". There is also this BBC page ( where it states: "During former Chancellor Gordon Brown's time at Number 11, he installed a system of briefing for the press around his pre-Budget Statement.". There is nothing like consistency, and that is nothing like consistency.

Budget leaks are, apparently, nothing new. Your mention of leaks by two Tory chancellors only goes to maintain the BBC's corporate view on the current government. Well done.

1 comment:

Craig said...

Here's some more JV nonsense!

Budget Day, and Jeremy Vine is talking to the BBC's Ross Hawkins. He's just waiting for the Budget to begin and crosses to the Commons to catch the last few seconds of Prime Minister's Questions and hears the PM shouting. "So there we are. Fiesty performance there", says Jeremy, having heard all of five seconds of David Cameron.

After PMQs the Speaker traditionally vacates his chair and the Deputy Speaker takes over for the Budget. It's happens every year, and has done so since the dawn of time. Caught Jeremy Vine by surprise though!!:

"And we wait to see if the Speaker calls the chancellor. John Bercow's just popped out of his chair for some reason!! I wonder..Oh I see! The Deputy Speaker coming in Ross, is that right?"

Yes, that's right Jeremy.