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Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Today's show 02/03/11

Welcome back!

Now Jeremy, you know that I am no fan of your show, but have you any idea what your "team" did to it while you were away? You don't? Oh, let me tell you...

First of all your listeners were subjected to Ms Feltz for five days. She successfully managed to turn your programme in to a down-market version of Womens' Hour. I'll admit that I listened for a few minutes just to hear what kind of mess she would make of it, and I was not disappointed. Never have I heard so many women arguing and cat-calling with each other about subjects of no interest to me. It was absolutely dire.

Then, the anonymous Mr O'Connell returns. Who is he again?

Finally, your web site people have re-vamped your web pages in such a way that it makes the production of my daily email to you far more difficult, but I manage. They also have screwed up in that they listed a "wild horses" story on the web site for 28th February, but instead Paddy spoke about drunks in hospitals. Despite me pointing out the error - twice! - the incorrect information is STILL shown on the programme archive page. Journalistic accuracy? Who needs it, eh?

Before I move on to today's diatribe of News Entertainment I have to ask the question: WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU PLAYING AT?

There are just over 3 million people living in Wales. Tomorrow (3rd March) the entire population has been asked to vote in a referendum concerning the future operation of the Welsh Assembly. Link here:

I would have thought that this is of sufficient importance to warrant a discussion on your programme, but apparently not. Let's see what rubbish we have today instead....

1) David Cameron - Yesterday David Cameron seemed ready to use military fore to free Libya. Today he’s backtracking slightly. What advice would you give to the Prime Minister on Libya? : I would advise him to ignore any advice that he receives from listeners to the Jeremy Vine show and any of its associated staff. Not that he will be listening of course, to either me or you. Next...

2) Parents - A report says that some baby boomers, now in their 50s, rarely keep up with their parents. When did you last see your parents? When did your grown-up children last see you? : I saw my parents this morning (they live less than 100 yards away), and I don't have any grown-up children, but that does not make sensationalist radio, does it? And always a pleasure to see yet another story from the rag known as the Daily Mail on Radio 2! Next...

3) John Galliano - John Galliano has been sacked by Christian Dior following alleged anti-Semitic comments he made last week. Have you ever been in a situation when you were shocked by a friend making anti-Semitic remarks? : Who? Am I meant to know who this person is? Should I care? In answer to your question: No, I haven't. This story has all the ingredients for a real radio bust-up. Are you proud of what you do? Why is that? I know somebody who could help you. Next...

4) Rising Oil Prices - With the oil prices soaring, how have you changed your life because of high oil and petrol costs? : I haven't, but that doesn't make good radio either, does it? I can stand in my garden on a Sunday afternoon and hear the distant drone of JetSkis from a nearby beach. Perhaps you should be asking JetSki owners this question.

Well, what does this tell us? It tells me this: That remarks made by somebody called John Galliano are more important to the Jeremy Vine show than a referendum that may change the way Wales and its 3 million inhabitants are governed for a long, long time.

So tell me this: Which one is more newsworthy than the other? I feel a complaint coming on...

Complaint lodged on BBC web site:

Mr Vine's programme is discussing the following topics today: Use of force in Libya, parents, John Galliano's anti-semetic remarks, rising oil prices.

Tomorrow (3rd March) the entire Welsh population is taking part in a referendum to change the way in which their lives are governed by the Welsh Assembly for a long, long time.

I consider that the referendum is newsworthy enough to warrant debate on Mr Vine's programme, but apparently not. While I would accept that two of today's stories have time-related relevance, the other two certainly do not and could have been held over to another day. One (parents) struggles to actually qualify as "news" in my opinion.

My complaint is that Mr Vine often chooses to discuss non-news trivia (for example, "Handbag - More important than your husband?" on 17th February) rather than something that will have an effect on the entire population of Wales (over 3 million people).

His programme is not "News" at all, but merely "News Entertainment".

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