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Friday, 11 March 2011

Today's show 11/03/11

Can nobody be bothered to create a proper web page for you today? No "Read more here" links? Oh well...

1) Earthquake in Japan - Tragic, and probably worthy of discussion as long as you stick to facts and avoid conjecture and speculation. I might just listen to this! Next...

2) Bin lorries blocking roads - Is this news, or just an excuse for a few callers to have a good old-fashioned rant? It is not something that I can ever remember affecting me, but if it has it was obviously so insignificant to be easily forgettable. Anyway, you mentioned in the trail on Ken's programme that this arises from an incident in Camden, north London - about 250 miles from here. You also mentioned something about hire bikes and fobs, and we don't have those around here. More radio for London and the South East I think. Next...

3) Discount vouchers - I don't know of any restaurants around here that take these, and the nearest fast food outlets are over 20 miles away. I entered "Wales" in to the TopTable web site and it told me that there are two restaurants in Llandudno that accept their vouchers, but they are 50 miles from here. Next...

4) Terry Walton - More pointless sound effects, and definitely not news.

So, one news story, and three that are definitely only News Entertainment.



"We have a major discrepancy about the (tsunami) timing". Your contributor said "... at about 3am their time" and you said "I have 13:07". As I type this the time is 12:19GMT here, and according to it is 02:19 in Honolulu, Hawaii. So, that means that 13:07 here will be 03:07, or "about 3am their time" in Hawaii. Do you still think that that is a discrepancy, or did you not listen to what your contributor said?

Anyway, we had about six minutes of useful information and then we had to hear from somebody who was in Phuket on Boxing Day 2004, who seemed more interested in telling us about changing his hire car than anything else.
Needless to say, I was not disappointed or surprised by your coverage of this event.


Hey... this is fun! I've carried on listening, the first time for a long, long time that I have done this.
My prediction of a good old-fashioned rant wasn't wrong, was it?
That "broadcaster and writer" woman didn't disappoint, but then she is only a broadcaster so why should I care what she thinks?
I am sure that fire fighters, trawlermen or motorway maintenance crews would take issue with that idiot from the GMB about bin men having the most dangerous job in Britain. Why did you choose to speak to the GMB rather than a council or company that actually operates bin lorries? Just for a more balanced view, you understand.
Your description of the Manchester woman "snarling like a dog" is interesting too, especially as you named her. Were you there? If not, how do you know she did this? Or are you just relying on hearsay for this information? And why isn't she on the show to defend herself? This sounds like a character assassination to me.
Now... should I stay tuned for the next hour?


Still listenng!
I've already told you about TopTable and their nearest location is 50 miles away from me.
Now looking at GroupOn and their web site refuses to even acknowledge that North Wales exists. The nearest cities to me, it says, are Liverpool and Cardiff. Geography is obviously not their strong point as Bangor is my nearest city, and 25 miles away.
Exactly the same restrictions apply to LivingSocial ... nothing around here.
I loved your comment about Pizza Hut: "We're on a journalistic search for the truth" ... There obviously is a first time for everything!
This whole discussion is completely irrelevant to me. No change there then.
Sorry, but I really can't be bothered to listen to Terry.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

As far as I can tell Groupon and the like are relatively new - surely it depends on the businesses in Wales to make contact with Groupon and offer the discounts before Wales gets on the map for this kind of thing. Must admit though there is a plethora of eyebrow shaping, paintballing and hairdressing going on around Sheffield.