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Monday, 21 March 2011

Today's show 21/03/11

Can nobody be bothered to update your web site today? No "Read more here"? No in-depth descriptions ended with an obtuse question?

Oh, hang on, somebody just has at 11:49. Finally I have some material to work with...

1) LIBYA: HAS IT GONE TOO FAR? - When you heard there was going to be a no-fly zone over Libya, did you expect missile strikes and possibly even an attempt to kill Colonel Gaddafi? Has it all gone a bit too far? : "We are looking for reactions to this".... Well, keep looking because you won't find one here. Next...

2) HITCH-HIKING IN A FUEL CRISIS - Lots of drivers don't pick up hitch-hikers. Will the fuel crisis mean you start to? : I've never hitch-hiked, and never would. About 15 years ago I picked up a hitch-hiker, and never would again. Next...

3) BANKING: YOUR MONEY STAYING IN YOUR ACCOUNT - We hear from the fishmonger who says that when he pays money into his bank, he wants it to stay there – not to be invested or gambled with : Has he considered buying his own safe? Does your progamme get more pointless than this? Next...

4) WERE YOUR PARENT'S STRANGERS TO YOU? - Is there one key piece of advice you would give to other parents? The Prime Minister, David Cameron says it's simple; it's spending time with your children. If he can find the time, then surely you can. Were your parent's strangers to you? - Good to see that the infamous Greengrocer's Apostrophe is alive and well at the BBC. In answer to your question: No, they were not. If I had children this may be relevant, but I don't, so it isn't. However, I did spend time with my parents yesterday. Does that count?

Can't you just tell its a Monday ... with only one real news story out of today's four topics. Do ever just stop and think to yourself, "What's the point of my programme?". No? I do. Frequently.

It is only two weeks until I start listening to 6 Music. I can't wait.

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