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Thursday, 17 March 2011

Today's show 17/03/11

A couple of interesting things happened yesterday afternoon...

I was chatting with a neighbour about problems we were both having with our computers, and mentioned that my recent change from Internet Explorer to Chrome had made updating my blog easier. He asked me the subject of my blog, and I told him it was your show. His immediate response: "Oh, I don't listen to him. He's so biased, and rude.". You see Jeremy, it is not just me.

Later on my blog passed 1000 page views. I honestly cannot believe that people take time out of their busy lives to read the rubbish that I write to you everyday, but I am sincerely grateful that they do. You never know but one day I may just get enough followers to make a difference to Radio 2's lunchtime programming and have you banished to somewhere else, like Radio 7, between 2am and 4am, on Wednesdays in months with a W in their name. Of those page views the huge majority (870 as I type this) come from the UK but I also have followers from other countries, including and with the highest count first United States (about 8%), Singapore, Canada, Germany, Indonesia, Ireland, Malaysia, Australia, Belgium, Lithuania, Austria, Bulgaria, Spain, New Zealand and Iran! Now, I have no idea as to how accurate these figures are but they are what my blog provider tells me. I think I'll choose to accept them as accurate and apply your rule of True Fact by saying that they must be true because I read it on the internet.

I think it only fair that you put a link to my blog on your web page. After all, I have put a link to your page on my blog! The link is

Right, let's look at today's issues that affect me (allegedly)...

1) FUKUSHIMA NUCLEAR PLANT - The Japanese government and nuclear experts are reassuring us that the dangers at the Fukushima nuclear plant aren't that great. Are we being lied to? : ONLY BY YOU, every day between 12 and 2. You are just scaremongering now and adopting the BBC's corporate attitude that nuclear power is dangerous and evil (ref. Do they stop paying you if you don't toe the corporate line?

Following Biased-BBC's suggestion, how about starting today's show with "Atomic" by Blondie? Next...

2) FIRST LOVE - First love: Most of us had one, most of us got over it but some of us were emotionally crippled by it. Have you never been able to get over your first love? : No. This is NOT NEWS. It is just more of the MEANINGLESS TWADDLE that lives in your mind that, for some reason unbeknown to me, you think is interesting. Next...

3) BULLYING - There's a film on YouTube of a fat boy in Australia being bullied. Eventually he breaks and fights back. Is that the way to deal with bullies? (It's been taken off YouTube because it's too violent.) : Great, so you are now talking about something that no longer exists. How are any of your listeners supposed to form an opinion when they can't see the video? I feel another complaint coming on ... the fourth this week! Really, what is the point?

Perhaps you should discuss this YouTube video instead:
Eggheads: CJ gets randomly abused by Jeremy Vine:
To some people that would look like bullying, so you can get off your sanctimonious holier-than-thou high horse right now.

More JV YouTube videos that give an unflattering impression of your goodself:
BBC Election Night 2008: Jeremy Vine's cowboy - - remember what I was saying about you not being a journalist?
Jeremy Vine, the offensive joke and the BBC cover-up - - you should have been sacked for this.
Jeremy Vine - Liz in Medway gets extremely cross about recycling - - hilarious!

It is just such a shame that your flared trousers video is no longer on YouTube. I really wish I had saved a copy. Next...

4) DANGEROUS DOGS - A teenager in Lancashire is mauled by two dangerous dogs. How come the dangerous dogs act didn't get rid of dangerous dogs. Do you have one in your street? : No, we don't. Good to see the Daily Mail continues to provide crap, ooops, I meant material for your programme!

Again, none of these issues affect me, yet you claim that they do. Which one of us lives in the Real World, and which one lives in Cloud Cuckoo Land?

Complaint lodged on BBC web site:

Mr Vine discussed bullying today, and he referred to a YouTube video to make his point. His web page states: "There's a film on YouTube of a fat boy in Australia being bullied. Eventually he breaks and fights back. Is that the way to deal with bullies? (It's been taken off YouTube because it's too violent.)".

My complaint is that I and other listeners were unable to draw our own conclusions on this matter as the video was not available, yet Mr Vine referred to it several times with much hyperbole. There are always two sides to every story, and I fail to see how we the listeners could possibly be objective about this matter without seeing the video concerned.


Email sent at 14:00:

There has been an unexpected benefit in your discussion concerning the bullying video. Due to the video not being available it appears that many people have searched the internet for such phrases as "jeremy vine bully video" and "youtube bully video jeremy vine". The result of this is that they have found and opened my blog. Today's entry has had 85 page views since I published it, with 55 page views in the last hour.

With the apparent growing popularity of my blog I have decided to continue adding to it after 4th April. It is on this day that, finally, the BBC will provide me with some listenable entertainment in the form of Radcliffe & Maconie and 6 Music, and I can't wait.
Thank you for being rubbish. I could not do it without you.

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